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If I to pinpoint when exactly my interest in creating garments began, it would probably be all the way back, when I was a child. My grandma was a teacher, but she also was an avid seamstress. She kept a lot of old clothing in her chest in the attic and every time she needed a new outfit for teachers conference or first/last day of school, she would find something in that old chest and magically make a new and elaborate outfit. There was nothing she couldn't make - from a coat to a sophisticated blouse. I am still inspired by her mastery and creativity. Tailoring and bridal couture techniques are of my passion and I make something beautiful for myself or my friends using those skills from time to time. In addition to that I love hand work - embroidery was my specialty for over 5 years.

Fashion Illustration is one of my favorite semi-hobby semi-work activities and I have a strong fine arts training to support that skill.

Besides that, I love traveling and discovering new places, experiencing new cultures.

Tailoring and Couture Techniques




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