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I like to design, to dream, to create. Drawing and sketching is my passion -- it is so much fun -- but real design for me is in draping, sculpting with fabric, and figuring out garments in all dimensions. I was always good at creating visuals like sketching, painting on a flat surface; that did not quite work for a garment that has a front, back, and sides.I had moments where I was stuck with my beautiful but totally unrealistic designs illustrated from my imagination. I would spend hours trying to figure out how to realize them in 3D, in fabrics. I finally decided to start using draping and creative pattern making, and to set aside 2D design sketching. Suddenly my pieces became so interesting, so dimensional. My side and back views did not look like an afterthought anymore, and collection evolution was not a continuous struggle and fight with fabric. I switched the order of the ideation and started illustrating my actual design development instead of putting ideas on the paper first.

NYFW 2019 Blooming In The Shadows Womenswear

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